ACTION! ToppleTubes Set

Unique and versatile 2-color tubes teach children matching and teamwork.

Play until you topple! Incorporate these patented, one-piece rotomolded vinyl tubes into any school or child care program. Create silly team games that incorporate flipping tubes to a team color, wonderful for teaching identification skills. Simply scatter these 1-piece rotomolded vinyl tubes throughout the play area, in no order or color pattern. At the signal, players race to flip them so their team's color is to the top. The team with the most standing tubes with its color "up" at the end of the game wins! Use ToppleTubes for relays, races, and agility exercises — your options are endless! All tubes are made with a vinyl material so they are sturdy with flat tops, yet soft and lightweight A hexagon-shaped end that narrow in the center helps aid grip and comfort for even small hands.

Small, easy-to-grasp tubes help develop dexterity and fine motor skills while flipping these tubes during teamwork activities for kids. Gross motor development and social skills flip toward success as kids run from tube to tube as friends encourage them. Shape and color identification along with following directionals provide cognitive growth within a game setting.

Complete set includes 24 tubes (8½"H x 4"W), a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and detailed instructions with 3 activities, and 2 fitness exercises, and 4 additional uses — all 5 activities include multiple options for variety. Ages 3 to 12.