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Active Play Fitness Circuit Pack

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A beginner-friendly fitness circuit pack for children so fun and easy, children will work hard without even knowing it!

Make fitness and fun go hand in hand! This easy to use pack has all of the essentials needed to create circuits and interesting activities. From scooters to hoops and playground balls, multiple activities with different focuses help students gain understanding of routines and following directions. These non-intimidating entry-level fitness routines help teach proper form through fun and intrinsic motivation. Brightly colored Rainbow equipment can be set up in a flash using included station cards and boards, simply rotate and get moving! This pack incorporates interesting and welcoming items that encourage movements. Grab a colored hoop and work on jumping skills, stretching, or a throwing target. Bring kinesthetic learning into play using Rainbow colored foam dice..roll and hop the total number rolled! Designed with younger students in mind, clear instructions provide models of how to use items to properly introduce fitness to users young and old. Grab this pack and place it on the classroom or child care center for ready to use movement!

Get the wheels turning while learning new fitness terms and routines, enhancing cognitive and speech and language development. Friendships soar and social skills grow as pals cheer each other on within fine and gross motor activities.

Ages 4 and up.

Circuit Pack Includes:

  • Set of 12 Rainbow DuraHoops, 24" dia
  • Set of 12 Rainbow Juggling Scarves
  • Set of 6 Rainbow Nylon Beanbags
  • Set of 6 Rainbow SST Indoor Scooters
  • Set of 6 Gopher Playground Balls, 8.5" dia
  • Set of 6 Rainbow Coated Foam Dice, 5"
  • Set of 6 Rainbow Plastic SmartCones
  • Station Boards/Cards, Set