BrickLAB Tech Ultimate Set

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Unit:  Ea
Children build brick structures to improve engineering skills using engineering Legos!

Building with plastic bricks introduces concepts about engineering for kids through hands-on projects. Children learn about key engineering concepts as they build models that represent real-world technologies. The versatile nature of these bricks inspires children to build and be creative, while included curriculum activities improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Children will enjoy introductory discussions, engineering challenges, real-world extensions, written activities, and more. Ages 4 and up.

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.

Set includes:

  • Bricks, Set of 6,500
  • Storage Tubs, 2 Ea
  • Brick Separator, 1 Ea
  • Mesh Bag for Cleaning, 1 Ea
  • Digital and Print Curriculum