Early Learners Microscope

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Magnify the learning experience using the best microscope for kids!

Explore magnification as children use this oversized microscope to take a closer look at a feather, flower, or a bee! Extra-wide eyepiece, light, and lens with 8x magnification power helps young learners observe images. This lens eliminates the need to adjust the magnification level, making this microscope extremely easy to use. You can also remove the lens and use it as a magnifying glass.

24 printed slides show three magnification stages of an object. Each slide includes 3 images. Simply move the slide to the next image to see the magnification progression of recognizable objects.

An included 32-page, illustrated manual guides children through lessons and biological observations. Manual also details the parts of a microscope and how to use it. Batteries required (not included). Ages 4 to 6.

Pack includes:

  • Microscope, 1 Ea
  • Objective Lens, 1 Ea
  • Specimen Slide Holder, 1 Ea
  • Printed Specimen Slides, Set of 24
  • Blank Slide, 1 Ea
  • Teacher Manual, 1 Ea