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EnormaSport Egg and Spoon Set

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Oversized egg and spoon set for colossal fun and successes!

Don't drop the giant egg! It takes skill and coordination to get from start to finish without dropping your egg—luckily, these oversized options are the perfect way to teach balance scrambled with fun! Set up any number of relay activities for kids, combining skill development with excitement in any school or child care party. The oversized nature of these large 5" dia eggs makes them easier to handle than much smaller options, perfect for little learners. The eggs are also slightly weighted at the bottom, delivering a center of gravity that fits within the groove of the spoon. Plastic construction ensures they won't crack or break, great for both indoor and outdoor games. Quickly divide students by 6 brightly color options and get the games crackin'!

Gross and fine motor skills balance as kids further develop hand and eye coordination, also enriching cognitive development through motor planning. During races kids will love hearing friends cheer on classmates, sure to enhance social skills.

5" dia eggs. 15"L spoon. Pack includes 6 plastic eggs, 6 plastic sppons, and a mesh bag for easy storage. Ages 3 to 12.