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Jumbo SeaSpace Chinese Checkers

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Oversized, ocean-themed Chinese checkers game gets kids out of their seats and moving – indoors and out!

Be strategic while racing friendly ocean animals across a large Chinese checkers board. Give each player 3 vinyl animals in 1 color, and have them start in the sea cave opposite of the cave that matches their color. Kids take turns moving their animals across the sea one bubble space at a time. They can also jump over other animals. The first player to get all 3 of their animals in their cave wins! Game is ideal for 2 to 6 players and encourages them to boost their cognitive and problem-solving skills as they determine their next move.

Oversized gameboard is 60" dia, giving kids plenty of room to walk on it to move their game pieces. It's made of 13 oz vinyl with vivid, printed artwork that withstands consistent use in the classroom or on the playground. Game pieces (4"L x 4"W x 4"H) are made of durable vinyl that's easy to grip and dishwasher safe.

Complete Set includes gameboard, 18 sea animal game pieces (3 ea Rainbow color), and activity instructions. Ages 3 and up.