Little Movers Let's Get Moving Checkout Station

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Help parents get active with their children using this all-inclusive resource providing take home activities for preschoolers!

Take fun home at the end of the day! Parents simply 'check out' items from the cart (utility balls, beanbags, hoops, jump ropes, and scooters, to name a few), and their corresponding, reproducible activities. These at home activities incorporate all the Head Start objectives for physical fitness to aid in at home development. Stay active and engaged with your student on weekends, promoting active life habits to siblings and friends! Station also includes a pocket chart for displaying copies of activities to serve as an easy way to motivate a crowd! All items can be stored on a mobile storage rack for quick access.

Cognitive and social and emotional skills will soar as children strategize how to share and move fluently in Kanga Sacks, also strengthening gross motor skills! Fine motor development grows while hitting birdies with foam racquetball paddles! Ages 3 to 8.

Pack Contents:

  • Set of 6 Rainbow Nylon-Covered Beanbags - 5" sq
  • Set of 6 Rainbow Polypropylene Jump Ropes - 7'L
  • Set of 6 Kanga Sacks
  • Set of 6 Connect-A-Scooter - 16"
  • Set of 6 Foam Racquetball Paddles
  • Set of 6 High Density Uncoated-Foam Balls - 6" dia
  • Set of 6 Utility Balls - 8.5" dia
  • 2 Baskets
  • Set of 12 DuraHoopPlus Hoops - 24" dia
  • Mobile Storage Rack
  • Check Out Station Instructions and Activity Instructions