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NutriPlay Healthy Eating Target Toss Pack

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This Pack offers fun interactive nutrition tossing activities for kids to get preschoolers on target for identifying which foods are healthiest (eat more) and which foods are not as healthy (eat less).

Keep an eye on nutritional food choices with an interactive target tossing game! Combine play and education in the classroom or child care center while developing hand-eye coordination with exciting food games for preschoolers. Each activity focuses on helping kids select healthy food beanbags, and understand that healthy foods are best for our bodies. Five different activities keep up to 12 kids coming back for more such as finding ingredients and tossing a salad, finding healthy foods and tossing them in the “Eat More" net while tossing unhealthy foods in the “Eat Less" net. The 5 Activity Cards offer guidance from setup to assessment, and also include exciting activity variations for classrooms of all ability levels. When finished, toss items into included storage bags and continue learning and laughing.

Fine and gross motor skills grow as children take aim and toss, gaining essential hand-eye coordination and target skills. Differentiating healthy and unhealthy food and working in teams against the timer develops cognitive development and social skills. Ages 3 to 10.

Pack includes:

  • Set of 6 Rainbow Toss-N-Chip Target Nets
  • Set of 100 NutriPlay Food Beanbags
  • Set of 6 Rainbow Vinyl Cones (12"H)
  • 1 Ea Jumbo Timer
  • 2 Ea VersaBag Mesh Bags (L)
  • 5 Ea Activity Cards