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NutriPlay NutriChute Challenge

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Introduce young children to the MyPlate program with beanbag parachute nutrition activities for preschoolers!

Toss and soar your way toward nutritional learning! Get moving in the classroom or child care center with unique parachutes that display food groups from the new MyPlate program in colorful divided backgrounds. This Pack offers exciting and educational food games to teach children about the importance of food selection and food groups in a visual and movement-centered way. Working in teams, children run, hop, or crawl to the center and collect as many food beanbags as possible and place them within the correct food group on their team's parachute within a time limit of 1 minute. Each team member may carry only 1 beanbag at a time, so teamwork and quick thinking is essential. Healthy food beanbags placed in the correct food group spot earn points, while unhealthy foods on a team's parachute is negative points. The team with the most points, wins! Add another game to your nutritional game repertoire with a game focusing on working in pairs and identifying food groups. One child calls out the beanbag and their friend throws it into the correct parachute. The team with the most points, wins! A great way to challenge or simplify for learning, simply identify parachute colors or use only dairy beanbags during parachute play, the options are endless!

Cognitive skills soar as children differentiate foods and expand vocabulary, also enriching speech and language development. Working as a team motivates peers to encourage and work on social and emotional growth during movement activities sure to excel fine and gross motor muscle building! Ages 4 to 10.

Pack Includes:

  • 4 Parachutes
  • 100 Healthy/Unhealthy Beanbags
  • Activity Instructions
  • Storage Bag