NutriPlay Nutringo Nutrition Bingo

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This nutritional game for kids packs the fun of traditional bingo with an active and healthy twist!

Get ready to yell bingo with this active game! This creative version of the classic bingo game teaches food groups (vegetables, fruits, grains, proteins, dairy) and nutrition in an active variation of bingo in a simple and easy way to teach young kids with added excitement. Teachers call out a food name and kids locate called item (with corresponding nutritional fact) on their Nutringo mat and teams must complete a specified exercise to mark off that spot on their mat. Great for adding zest to any physical education or child care inquiry unit, this game is easy to store in a heavy-duty nylon bag and can be set up in seconds!

Laughter, cognitive skills, and speech and language development soar as kids learn new food vocabulary words, also enriching social skills during turn taking and encouragement. Fine motor and gross motor muscles develop as kids complete movement tasks.

Included are a Nutringo storage bag, nutrition bingo cards, and Nutringo game. Ages 4 to 10.