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Outdoor Learning Pack

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Learning, moving, and music go hand-in-hand with this outdoor pack!

Up to 30 children will love entering a magical play area, bringing learning and fun outside! Scamper and balance along the tree cookies, building confidence and overall coordination! Identify and learn new flower and food vocabulary as you check out items planted in your classroom garden! Stack blocks and let imaginations soar, wood-like pieces adding a real element to play! Dance and sing as friends play silly tunes with chimes and a drum! Store items easily in a storage table with 9 different compartments, ideal for active classrooms or child care centers! Add a natural element to play with tree cookies, using real untreated wood slices. Perfect pack for large schools and centers helping to get all children involved and moving.

Children can explore their gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and music and art to develop their brains. The block set will allow children to work on their fine motor skills while also putting their imaginations and cognitive skills to work at they can build and create anything. The chime wall comes with 2 mallets so that children can explore music and movement, interact, and increase social and emotional development together. Stimulate sensory experiences and gross motor skills while digging, touching, and planting in the dirt!

Made in the USA.

  • Tree Cookies: 14" dia x 6"; 5 lb per slice.
  • Chime Wall: 3'8"L x 2'W x 3'H; 55 lb.
  • 3 Portable Activity Storage Tables: 2'8"L x 2'8"W x 2'H; 110 lb.
  • 6'L Portable Art Easel: 4'8"L x 8"W x 4'H; 92 lb.
  • Box and 50 Blocks: 2'8"L x 1'W x 1'H; 70 lb.
  • Little Gardeners Oval Garden Wall: 12'2"L x 3'2"W x 10"H; 80 lb.
  • Rockin' Drums: 3'6"L x 2'6"W x 2'6"H; 53 lb.
  • Every cedar log features unique natural markings and grooves that evolve over time as the log releases moisture. This does not diminish the quality, durability, or safety of the product.

    *This product is not available in Canada.

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