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Shop for playground shade structures and site amenities at Play with a Purpose to increase safety and comfort outdoors!

From permanent playground canopies to portable shade structures, find the best option to protect kids while playing outdoors.

Permanent options are available in several forms. Large structures are ideal for use over playground equipment and dedicated picnic areas. A smaller shade umbrella is perfect for providing relief from the sun or rain over a more compact play space. Portable options let you take the shade with you, making them ideal for field days.

It's easy to add comfort to play areas using high-quality products from Play with a Purpose. An assortment of playground seating includes benches sized perfectly for adults and kids. Other benches double as multipurpose storage options for playground products. You can also choose from child-size tables to encourage interaction and teamwork among kids. If you need an option for kids and adults, check out our full-size tables. Complete your playground by adding shade structures, umbrellas, or canopies.

Buy dependable shade structures and playground accessories at Play with a Purpose!