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Purchase playground mulch and rubber surfacing from Play with a Purpose to absorb impact during falls outdoors!

Adding mulch to your school or day care playground is an easy way to keep kids safe while playing. Recycled rubber mulch is an excellent, long-lasting option that does not break down over time. It is also available in several colors to fit the aesthetic of your play space. Wood fiber is a more affordable and sustainable option. It needs to be topped off each year to ensure it has the correct thickness level.

The interlocking design of rubber playground surfacing tiles leads to a durable and safe surface that does not shift while being easy to maintain. Rubber tiles create a smoother surface than mulch, making the play area more accessible for students of most abilities. When the tiles get dirty, simply sweep up debris with a broom or wash them off with a hose.

Buy rubber surfacing or wood mulch from Play with a Purpose to increase safety on your playground!