BigTop BucketBonanza Set

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The instability of these buckets will create a tossing bonanza!

Children learn how to aim and work on gross motor skills as they attempt to throw a ball into their team's bucket. Each bucket sits in a plastic holder with a raised domed center. When hit with a ball, the bucket tilts and swirls, creating more of a challenge. Once a ball makes it in, that bucket is removed. The first team to remove all of its buckets wins!

Buckets tilt slightly and can rock back and forth when balls land in them. Learning how to adjust a throw as the bucket moves helps children learn hand/eye coordination. They can also talk with friends while forming a plan, while also developing excellent social and emotional skills.

Set includes 36 holders (7"W x 3-1/2"H), 36 buckets (8"H), 36 balls (6 of each Rainbow color), a storage bag, and activity instructions with multiple options. Ages 3 and up.