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BigTop Ringz Set

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Bring the carnival into the classroom with bright, easy-to-grasp "ringz" ring toss game for kids!

Toss away boredom and ring in active learning! Create a limitless number of patterns for a new ring tossing game every time! Each of the 12 pegs made with durable PVC fit securely into the board's 24 holes, yet can be quickly and easily moved. Durable and a board resistant to scratches, this set is essential for schools. All pegs and rings come in Rainbow colors, which allows you to practice color identification skills and easily separate kids into groups. A mesh storage bag allows for convenient storage and easy transportation to classrooms or parks.

Tossing rings engages senses, fine motor skills, and cognitive development as kids tally up points earned when throwing on pegs with points used. Social and gross motor development soars while running to gather rings and chatting about game rules.

Board constructed of MDF (same material as a table tennis top) which is durable and will resist scratches while the rubber feet help keep it in place. Set includes 1 board (24"sq x 2.5" thick), 12 pegs (1" dia x 10"H) 6 rings (10" dia), 1 VersaBag Mesh Storage Bag, and activity instructions. Ages 3 to 12.