Rainbow BucketStack Set

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Unit:  Set of 36
Develop social interaction and hand/eye coordination with this gross-motor stacking bucket game for preschoolers.

A jumbo stacking cups set for jumbo-sized play! Brightly colored buckets are heavy-duty and designed specifically for stacking, which improves gross-motor movements in younger students. Work as a team to stack buckets to the sky, this game will become a staple in classroom and child care center play. Heavy-duty construction keeps buckets in top form for all of your games and activities day after day. They won't warp or break when stacked or collapsed, and the heavy duty plastic with air holes prevent buckets from sticking together.

Cognitive and gross motor skills stack up as kids think of new ways to use their body strength to get buckets up higher and higher, also encouraging each other and social development. Work on math concepts as children stack by color. Similar to popular cup-stacking.

Set of 36 buckets includes 6 of each Rainbow color and activity instructions. 8"H. Ages 3 to 12.