Rainbow Catch-A-Cup Set

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Unit:  Set of 6
Classic cup catch set game develops hand/eye coordination.

Children will flip for this classic, but addicting game! This simple ball attached to a cup design will keep students engaged as they try to master the right force, angle, and technique to catch that pesky ball! This basic game needs minimal space, making it a great classroom activity. Swinging the ball into the cup is easier said than done, and requires a focus on coordination, dexterity, and reflex to master, a great pre-writing addition. Children hold the cup in their hand, with the ball hanging freely. Swing the cup gently to propel the ball upward and over the top of the cup. To score, the ball needs to land in the cup and stay there. Because the ball is attached to the cup with a nylon rope, it moves in tandem with the cup. Kids will be back at it, to see how quickly they can do it again!

As children swing the ball, fine motor skills sharpen as well as cognitive development needed to motor plan!

Constructed of polyethylene plastic set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow color. Ages 3 to 8.