Rainbow Coated-Foam Dice

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Unit:  Set of 6
Versatile, high-quality dice in bright Rainbow colors for endless fun!

Incorporate large foam dice into activities to take games to the next level! Dice introduce random chance, which can put a twist on rules or add a brand new segment to game play. Tough design makes these dice ideal for use in institutional settings.

Great for Any Activity

It's easy to quickly alter games and activities when using foam yard dice! You can use them to modify game rules, change the number of reps in an exercise, or get kids practicing their math skills. These dice are the perfect fit for any age group or activity.

Superior Durability

Vinyl-coated foam dice are ready to stand up to daily institutional use, indoors or out. The coating resists peeling and picking, ensuring long-lasting durability of your equipment.

Instant Activity Organization

5" dice come in Rainbow Sets of 6, which means 6 different colors to conveniently organize activities. Teachers can assign groups and teams based on color, while also keeping track of equipment based on who has which color.