Rainbow IntroFit Conditioning Ropes

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Kids can make waves with these brightly-colored kids fitness training ropes!

Rope in confidence and upper body growth! Lightweight, soft cotton kid fitness ropes are inviting and make it easy for children to start training with ropes and moving their arms in the classroom! Thinner 3/4" dia is easier to grip and make less waves when learning the fundamentals and motions of the ropes. Learn whips, slams, and more while strengthens core muscles and more with an included laminated activity guide that takes the intimidation out of teaching. The Custom Warrior StrongHold Jr. Anchor Station (16-1/2"W x 12"H; 15 lb) allows 6 ropes to be looped through for instant group activity working together with the ropes. Add weight plates (sold separately) to the center post for stability and get working!

Handling ropes engages fine and gross motor muscles as well as sensory development while gripping the textured material. Children can reinforce teamwork as they complete tasks and assist one another, building social and emotional development.

Set includes six 30'L ropes, 1 anchor station, and 1 laminated exercise guide. Ages 5 and up.