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Rainbow Phenom Plastic Golf Set

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Oversized, lightweight plastic golf set introduces children to golf with ease.

Add a rainbow of fun to any golf practice! Designed for beginners, these are 75% larger than traditional irons. Rainbow colored golf pieces are exceptional for organizing classes and keeping track of children by color. Larger club faces ensure contact with the ball over a bigger surface area, also much easier to coordinate as students line up their shot. A molded-in grip design on the handle of each club also promotes comfort and control when students are swinging, preventing grip issues that might otherwise arise on smoother shafts. Lightweight construction allows for coordination from the backswing to the follow-through for total swing control for even the smallest golfer!

Gross and fine motor skills swing toward success while using large muscle groups and grasps when developing form. Working on a common goal, navigating terrain challenges, and taking turns encourages social and cognitive development.

Irons made out of one-piece blow molded plastic. Includes six 27" L Rainbow irons and six 2" dia plastic Rainbow golf balls. Ages 3 to 10.