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Sensory Ball Pack

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Four differently textured balls for preschoolers offer four sensory experiences.

Up to 24 kids can cuddles, touch, and explore a variety of sensory balls. Rubber band balls spring into action and are perfect for throwing while AirFoam balls are lightweight and squishy to the touch. Children in child care centers or schools will love to snuggle Tedddyballs made out of fleece and explore the grippy texture of Nubz balls in their hands. An included storage bag keeps balls contained and easily accessible.

Sensory development bounces toward new heights as children touch and examine multiple textures, also enriching fine motor skills. Throwing balls and catching excels gross motor development during play.

Pack Contents:

  • Set of 6 Rainbow Rubber Band Ball - 3.5" dia
  • Set of 6 Rainbow AirFoam Balls - 13" dia
  • Set of 6 Rainbow TeddyBall Fleece Balls - 5" dia
  • Set of 6 Rainbow Nubz Ball - 10" dia
  • 1 Blue VersaBag Mesh Bag - Large (36"L x 24"W)

Ages 3 to 12