Toddler Wooden Music Set

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Build rhythmic awareness with instruments that feature a series of melodic notes using a wooden music set.

Combine music and exploration for instant harmony! This set of 4 instruments draws children toward musical exploration within the child care center or classroom. Constructed out of wood, these instruments are made to last for concert after concert. Squeeze the Concertina to produce interesting notes as a pal bangs a beat on one of the drums. A classic brightly-colored Xylophone features 5 colorful panels certain to fill a room with sound!

Learning instrument names and musical terminology excels cognitive development and sensory skills through touch. Gripping mallets and squeezing the Concertina enhances sensory skills creates fond musical memories.

Constructed out of wood. Includes Oval Xylophone, Concertina, and 2 Solid Drums. Color and graphics may vary. Ages 18 mos to 4 yrs.