ACTION! BasketPar Set

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Emphasize counting and stay on par by making baskets to keep the score low!

Constant action and aiming builds muscles and strengthens the mind! As children run and shoot toward the goal, they will strengthen their bodies and improve gross motor skills. They can also work on fine motor skills as their hands and eyes work together while aiming.

Position poly spots at varying distances from the basketball goal and each spot is assigned a par. As with golf, this is the number of shots players have in order to make a basket. Children cheer each other on and support their teammates, helping strengthen social and emotional development. Make it in less and the team's score is under par. Once a basket is made, players move to the next "hole". Teams add up their points using and developing cognitive skills. The team with the lowest score under the predetermined course par wins.

Complete Set includes 2 goals (48"H, 36" dia base), 9 poly spots (9" dia), 6 Rainbow DuraBall Basketballs (size 6), a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions. Goals also sold separately to make the course larger or to create a custom course. Ages 3 and up.