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Buy playground benches from Play with a Purpose to give kids and adults a convenient spot to sit!

Provide a spot for conversation or a place to rest using benches for kids and adults. Smaller benches are ideal for kids to sit with friends or to incorporate into dramatic play, while standard-size benches let adults and kids sit together. Choose from traditional benches with or without a back or options that include storage for items routinely used outdoors.

Adding playground tables to an outdoor play spaces gives kids and teachers a place to eat, do projects, or have a conversation. Tables are available in smaller sizes that are ideal for kids and traditional sizes for use by kids and adults. A standard table with a grid top allows food or rain to fall through to the ground for simple cleanup. A solid tabletop is ideal for craft projects and lessons when kids need a smooth top to write or draw.

Purchase benches and picnic tables for playgrounds at Play with a Purpose!