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Hoopstacles Set

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Create a custom obstacle course for kids using unique bungees and hoops!

Quickly build a fast-paced game that puts teamwork, agility, and flexibility to test by incorporating hoop challenges into obstacle courses. Connect 1 or 2 bands to a hoop and place it in a hoop holder. Arrange the hoop obstacles around the play area. Kids move through the hoops without touching the bands. If someone touches a band, the entire team performs a predetermined exercise in order to continue. The first team to get all its players successfully through the course wins! Set up hoops in a different order each time for a new challenge during games. Creating various obstacle courses encourage communication and dramatic play as kids use their imaginations to set them up.

Each 1" thick bungee band is 33"L and includes a clip on both ends to position them on the hoops. The bands stretch to different lengths for use on your own hoops of various diameters. Set includes 24 Hoopstacles Hoop Bands, 12 HoopStandz Hoop Holders, 12 Rainbow DuraHoop Hoops (36" dia), and activity instructions with unique games that involve the entire class. Ages 3 and up.