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NutriPlay Puzzle to Plate

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Help teach the MyPlate program with the combination of a nutritional puzzle for kids and relay race!

Teach MyPlate in an inviting and memorable way! Exciting nutrition puzzles for kids teach them about the MyPlate program and food groups while also promoting exercise and movement through races. Scatter the food pieces in this team-building relay race and have teams take turns to see how fast they can put the Puzzle to Plateā„¢ puzzle together by matching the pieces to their food group. Place food pieces at varying distances to accommodate ability levels and modify crawling, scooting, or running toward puzzle pieces. Sturdy polyvinyl pieces are tough enough to withstand timed team races to complete the puzzle and more! When finished with learning, quickly store and go using a VersaBag storage bag.

Gross and fine motor skills are enhanced during navigating scooters with legs and arms. Sensory development and cognitive skills soar during beanbag exploration and learning names of foods.

Pack includes 11 protein pieces, 12 veggie pieces, 12 grain pieces, 11 fruit pieces, and 8 dairy pieces. Included VersaBag storage bag and 4' x 4' vinyl mat with labeled food locations. Ages 4 to 12.