Rainbow Soft Progressive Ball Pack

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Super-soft kid-friendly preschool soft ball pack make throwing, catching, and ball activities fun, not intimidating.

Invite young learners to feel and explore balls! This soft ball pack lets kids explore at their own pace with various sizes and textures. Child care centers will love the versatility of these indoor or outdoor balls, great for play and learning. Contains slower-rebound balls with a longer float time for beginners and faster-rebound balls for more advanced players. Enough equipment for more than 24 children.

Sensory skills soar while touching different textures, also enhancing gross motor skills through throwing and catching repetition.

Pack Contents:

  • Set of 6 Rainbow SoffPlay Balls - 8.5" dia
  • Set of 6 Rainbow AirFoam Balls - 13" dia
  • Set of 6 Rainbow Nubz Ball - 10" dia
  • Set of 6 Rainbow DuraBall Playground Balls - 8.5'' dia
  • 1 VersaBag Mesh Bag - XXLarge (45"L x 36"W)

Ages 3 to 12.