SmartMax Ball Runs

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Use imagination to build ball run structures and grow cognitive skills.

Bring imaginative play back into everyday exploration! Perfect for children at any age and stage of creativity, ideal for schools. SmartMax is an innovative system that allows children to explore magnetism using safe, extra-large pieces for manipulation. SmartMax magnetic bars feature unique color codes: "Cold"-colored bars (blue, green, purple) attract "warm" colored bars (red, orange, yellow). Set comes with an instructional guide that helps to guide play and provide additional ideas for kids.

Cognitive development and fine motor skills roll toward new experiences during natural cause and effect lessons learned as children test ball runs. Sensory skills and overall social and emotional development soar through sharing and touching a variety of textures!

Constructed of heavy-duty PVC plastic and high quality magnetic material. Smallest building rod measures 3"L and largest measures 5"L.

Ages 2 to 8.