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SoffPlay Ball Pack

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These are our softest and friendliest playground balls!

Throw away boring and catch a convenient pack of sports-themed playballs! Schools and child care centers will love 30 brightly colored balls, sure to attract kids of all ages and skill levels. Color coordinate teams or break into learning stations by colors, the options are endless!

Ultra-soft and ultra-versatile, these balls are non-intimidating for children of all ages and skill levels. Their semi-smooth vinyl surface and light weight take the sting out of contact making these perfect for child care centers. These balls also feature a bladderless design, so you can vary the inflation to adjust the softness. Start off with less air for a softer feel and less bounce, and add air as students' skills develop.

Bounce and catch your way to gross motor growth as children learn to use full body muscles to enhance aim and accuracy.

Made out of rotomolded vinyl, this pack includes 6 each of Rainbow Playballs (8.5" dia), Rainbow Footballs (Size 4), Rainbow Soccer Balls (8.5" dia), Rainbow Volleyballs (8.5" dia), and Red Playballs (7" dia). The Pack also includes a VersaBag Mesh Bag (XXL).

Ages 3 to 12.