Balance & Slide Soft Climber Set

Direct Ship, Expected Ship Date 08/12/2024
Unit:  Set Truck Delivery
Introduce spatial awareness and depth perception using a foam slide for toddlers.

Create balance within the classroom with a soft and safe balance set! Children can step up or toddle their way toward a silly slide and work on using body motions to climb up onto objects. A great introduction to sports, kids can walk on the beam, constructed of durable polyurethane foam covered in jersey-lined vinyl. Add a bright addition into any classroom decor and get the movement started!

Crawling up objects and engaging core muscles when roaring down the slide strengthens gross motor skills. Working with friends and waiting for a turn enhances social and emotional development and overall teamwork.

Constructed out of polyurethane foam covered in jersey-lined vinyl. 6'6"L x 7'3"W x 3'H; 50 lb. Supports up to 200 lb. Ages 1 to 5.

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