Directional Poly Spots Course Set

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Unit:  Set of 31

Create a fun, easy-to-follow course with poly spot markers and teach kids how to follow directions!

Simply lay down the poly spots to make a track for trikes and scooters or set up an entertaining obstacle course. Place the black and white, start and finish lines where desired, then use the remaining spots to complete your course! Have kids follow the straight poly line strips or use the directional arrows to curve or turn to the left or right. As an extra challenge, teachers can add in a stop sign or one that tells kids to slow down as they race through the course. Durable vinyl construction stays in place when stepped on. All obstacle course signs are 1/4” thick. Set includes 31 pieces; 16 lb total. Ages 3 and up.

Complete Set includes:

  • Starting/Finish Lines (30”L x 5”W), 2 Ea
  • Slow Signs (9” dia), 2 Ea
  • Stop Signs (9” dia), 2 Ea
  • Straight Pieces (12”L x 2-1/2”W), Set of 20 (15 Ea Yellow, 5 Gray)
  • Curved Arrow Pieces (11-3/4” x 9”W), Set of 4 (2 Ea Left, Right)
  • Right-Pointing Arrow (12”L x 5”W), 1 Ea