Diversity Costume Set

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Our largest assortment of authentic ceremonial and cultural clothing for children from around the world.

Let children wear beauty! Stunning child-size versions of clothing from different cultures celebrates differences and similarities. Boy and girl outfits from around the globe add a unique conversational piece in any child care center or classroom's dramatic play center. Try on a silky kimono and transport to a magical land of lily pads or wear a Native American dress and pretend to gather acorns and sticks to build a fire. Natural celebrate and teach diversity and wash costumes for endless enjoyment!

Taking turns with desired costumes and creating stories with peers enriches social and emotional development, speech and language skills, and dramatic play exposure. Pairing historical events and new vocabulary words naturally engages cognitive growth in a non-intimidating environment.

Set includes 10 costumes. Also available for individual purchase. One size fits most preschool students. Ages 3 to 6.