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Elevate Paddle Game Pack

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Elevate gross-motor skills with a paddle pack that includes balls that advance in difficulty as kids improve!

Act fast and keep the ball in the air using an engaging paddle set! Start with Ollyball balls that float through the air like a combination of a balloon and beach ball. Their high-performance nylon shell and balloon-like KrunchCOR center is lightweight, but still stands up to tough use. Plus, kids can color and customize the balls for a fun and personalized experience! As skills progress, kids can move to standard beach balls for intermediate play. The lightweight design is a great option for all ages and abilities. Rubber band balls provide the most challenging play because they are smaller and travel through the air at a faster speed.

SpringSwing Paddles feature an 8-1/4" dia head with a trampoline-style mesh center that makes balls spring off with little effort. Lightweight, 15"L frame is covered in foam and wrapped in polyester and nylon for friendly use by beginners. To make game play easier for younger kids, put the paddles to the side and have kids use only their hands to hit the Ollyball Balls or beach balls.

Set includes 6 paddles, 2 Ollyball balls (12" dia), 6 ClassicPlay beach balls (7.5" dia), 6 rubber band balls (2.5" dia), and activity instructions. Ages 3 and up.