Direct Ship, Expected Ship Date 08/13/2024
Unit:  Ea Truck Delivery
Deceivingly simple design packs in 8 play events, including multiple outdoor slides for toddlers.

Play Events: (8) Double slide, 2 Slides, Tiki climber, Crawl tunnel, Driving panel, Shapes panel, Bubble window panel

Peek and sneak with a bubble panel and deck-to-deck crawl tube with portholes! Kids will create endless play opportunities with the included 4 slides, a tiki climber, and much more. After speeding down slides and running towards a ground level driving panel and shape panel, kids can cool off in the shade under a dual roof.

Gross motor skills develop as children use additional handholds to assist in climbing, also enhancing fine motor muscles when using various hand grips! Social and emotional components of play are practiced during turn taking and role playing at the driving panel, also contributing to dramatic and imaginative skill development. The shape panel provides a unique opportunity to bring cognitive learning outdoors while identifying shapes!

Made in the USA out of rotomolded plastic and recycled lumber. A use zone of 32'L x 22'W is recommended. Assembly and in ground installation required, professional installation suggested. 19'5"L x 9'9"W x 11'H; 1500 lb.