Explorer Center

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Two roaring river rapids slides, fossil field climber, pirate maze and more set the stage for all kinds of adventure on playground panels!

Play Events: (9) Dino climber, Abacus wall, Maze wall, Compass panel, Jumping ball wall, Stars and moon roof, Play jeep, 2 Slides

Climb into adventure and drive away into fun with a realistic looking Jeep! After a bumpy drive, climb up the fossil dino climber and hide under the roof where you can gaze at a star and moon display! Discover textures and count using the abacus panel while sparking curiosity with the 4 panels throughout the play structure.

Gross motor and social and emotional development is enhanced as kids invite each other to climb and race down the slide and take turns driving the play Jeep. Fine motor and sensory development is enriched as children feel the texture of the beads while using the abacus wall, also aiding cognitive skills. Dramatic and imaginative skills flourish as kids pretend to drive the Jeep and become dinosaurs while on the dinosaur climber.

Made in the USA out of rotomolded plastic and powder-coated steel. A use zone of 31'L x 32'W is recommended. Assembly required. 19'L x 20'W x 13'H; 1455 lb. Ages 2 to 5.