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Fresh Mart Grocery Store Pack

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Learn how to count and spend wisely while shopping!

Take an imaginary trip to the grocery store to help children practice math, decision-making abilities, and other important cognitive development skills. They can switch roles between being a customer or the cashier during engaging play in this pretend play grocery store. Customers can push a cart or carry a basket while making wise decisions about what food to buy. The cashier can wear an apron and ring up sales using a beeping scanner. The interaction between children teaches them about the important social and emotional roles they will encounter while shopping.

Grocery store is made of durable wood for long-lasting dramatic and imaginative play. It is freestanding, so you can place it wherever it's needed in a play space. Smooth, curved corners and edges offer extra safety. The store also features a hand-crank conveyor belt, a credit card machine, and a cash drawer to collect money from customers.

Complete Set includes grocery store, grocery cart, grocery baskets, apron, cloth shopping bag, play money, coupons, and more than 80 pieces of play food. Grocery store also available separately. 2'8"L x 2'10"W x 2'1"H; 65 lb. Some assembly required. Ages 3 to 10.