FUNoodle Foam Obstacle Course

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Soft, bendable foam noodle rods perfect for over-under-through obstacle course activities.

Go nuts over noodles! Kids will love enhancing locomotor skills through play, simply connect flexible colored foam rods (colors and shapes may vary) and play! Endless options allow you to create tossing targets and hurdles with Noodle Connectors (sold separately). Teach science outdoors by hosting a tunnel snake challenge, simply create a circle by placing a cone on the floor and a noodle connector horizontally on top of it. Place a noodle in the connector. Repeat on the other end of the original connector. Using one more connector, bend the noodles and attach to make a circle. Create 6 circles. Align and space each circle 5' apart. Line the children up single-file and go through the tunnel in silly variations such as jumping and crawling!

Dramatic play, social skills, and cognitive development leap as children discuss various ways to incorporate noodles into play. Fine and gross motor skills naturally strengthen while running, crouching into new positions, and exploring balance skills.

Complete Set includes activity instructions. Colors and shapes may vary. Ages 3 to 12.