Gopher Exclusive Play with a Purpose Exclusive Product

Garden Heroes Activity Pack

Expected Ship Date 08/16/2024
Unit:  Pack
Twenty creative large nutrition games and activities will have up to 12 kids playing with their food as they meet standards in physical education and health.

Watch children grow and bloom with garden games! When using the included activities, children will meet the 5 National Physical Education Standards and the 3 National Health Education Standards, ideal for classrooms or child care centers. Focus is on improving motor skills, movement concepts, and social interaction through active movement using beanbags, scooters, weighted bowling pins, and more! Watch beanbags soar using a parachute, dash in and out of cones, and play endless team games wearing matching wrist bands. Learn decision making and goal setting skills to enhance health through activity, a great skill to carry on throughout life .

Fine and gross motor skills and social development blossom during explosive movements during scooting and rolling bowling balls, also enriching sensory development during touch and exploration. Cognitive skills and speech skills excel as kids learn rules and words used during sports as well as sportsmanship. Ages 4 and up.

Pack Includes:

  • 1 Fruit and Vegetable Fun, Games and Activities Book
  • 4 Sets of 6 Rainbow Vinyl Spots, 9" dia
  • 2 Sets of 12 Garden Heroes Beanbags, Veggies
  • 2 Sets of 12 Garden Heroes Beanbags, Fruit
  • 1 Fox 40 Classic Pealess Whistle, Black
  • 24 Vinyl Cones, 12"H, Orange
  • 2 Sets of 6 Rainbow Connect-A-Scooter, 12"
  • 1 Pr. Big Foam Dice, 6"
  • 1 Shakin the Chute CD
  • 1 UltraNet Portable Net System, 20'W x 61"H
  • 4 White Baskets
  • Set of 6 Blue Foam Hand Tagger
  • Set of 10 Weighted Bowling Pins, Red
  • Set of 10 Weighted Bowling Pins, Blue
  • 1 Gopher Pacer 200 Stopwatch
  • Set of 12 Rainbow DuraHoopPlus Hoops, 30" dia
  • 1 ElevAir Deluxe Parachute, w/o Handles, 24' dia
  • 1 Magnus Carry-All Cart, All-Terrain
  • 6 Pr. Gopher Team Wrist Bands, Red
  • 6 Pr. Gopher Team Wrist Bands, Blue