House Cleaning Kit

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A house cleaning kit lets children learn how to tidy up with cleaning tools made just for them!

Clean the day away! Children will sweep away toward adventure with a variety of cleaning tools that are just their size! Make child care and school floors squeaky clean with a dust and sweep mop. Made with compact hand brushes and a dust pan that can snap onto any of the handles for convenient use. Vacuum up wooden food pieces with a clever vacuum that has a compartment inside. Let multiple children enjoy vacuuming, simply open up the back panel and pull out the pieces! Grab some water an pass the sponge, scrub brush, and rubber-tipped squeegee into little hands for sensory-rich fun!

Giving peers "chores" and taking turns further develops social and emotional growth and imaginative play skills in an exciting environment. Exploring functions of cleaning tools and using spatial awareness excels cognitive development.

Purchase products individually or as a complete set. Ages 3 to 10.