Ice Ice Building Set

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Play with snowflakes indoors using building toys for toddlers!

Let it snow! Snowflake-shaped building toys for toddlers interlock to create a 3D winter wonderland in the warmth of your classroom. Little blocks fit in the center of the large, adding 3D building experiences and endless combinations. Visually striking and tactile to the touch, these large blocks inspire creativity from both sides of the brain. The building combinations with 2 different size flakes are endless.

Visual and spatial awareness is enriched through building, helping overall fine motor, gross motor, and cognitive development skills. Rearranging snowflakes invigorates sensory skills, imaginative play, and social skills as children pretend to shovel snow or be ice queens.

Made out of plastic. Set includes 28 large (9" dia) and 28 small (4" dia) snowflakes. Ages 2 to 8.