Lace & Thread Library

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Lacing and threading bead set for toddlers develops hand-eye coordination and promotes classification of shapes and colors.

The ultimate fine motor pack for ultimate learning. High-quality plastic set includes activity cards for patterning and sorting to strengthen a variety of fine-motor skills. Beads of various shapes and sizes intrigue learners and inspires children to explore and label colors and attributes. Presented in a reusable clear container for easy access and even easier clean-up. Adults will love the included collection of cards that provide different sequencing and classification illustrations.

Lacing and sequencing patterns strengthens cognitive development as well as fine motor skills.

Included are 3.28 ft. long braided laces and a collection of cards with different sequencing illustrations, classifications, and linking exercises. Ages 3 to 10.

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.