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Get out your magnifying glass and discover your world through play and exploration!

Draw in young learners within the classroom for seriously silly learning! Investigate fossils with a kit that includes 8 realistic specimen imprints such as clam shell, shrimp, ammonite, and more! A sturdy stone mixture keeps stones intact during outdoor play as well as table top learning time. Enrich fine motor skills when making prints in the sandbox or playdough, sparking creativity and sequential thinking!

Expand a love of fossils with curiosity-sparking dinosaur footprints! Learn how to express multi-syllabic words, including Apatosaurus and Hypsilophodon to name a few! Rub your favorite crayon on paper with a footprint underneath and watch the magic unfold! Double-sided stones let children identify the dinosaur along with their matching footprint for exploratory learning.

From the farm to woodlands, let students sort by categories such as feathers, mammals, and birds! Children can make lasting art with beautiful impressions in clay or in the mud with stones created for small hands at approximately 3". Combine natural elements in cognitive growth when listening, talking, and inferring as a group.

Take a walk on the wild side and ignite pretend play as you embark on an African safari! Search for stones with footprints of lions, elephants, and other exciting creatures. Place in the water or dirt for a new visual perspective and wipe clean after use with soapy water.

All stones are made out of a durable stone and resin mix for supreme durability. Purchase individually or as a set of all 6. Ages 3 and up.

*Bugs and Fossils are not double sided*