Little Movers Over, Under, & Through Pack

Expected Ship Date 09/07/2024
Unit:  Pack
Versatile obstacle course set takes balance and body control to a whole new level.

A perfect way to assess knowledge of positional words, this obstacle course pack allows you to challenge children at their level. Set up in an infinite number of arrangements to maintain excitement and promote skill development, sure to keep kids enthusiastic for learning and moving!

Gross motor and fine motor skills soar as children crawl through a tunnel and zig-zag through cones, also sparking cognitive development. Ages 3 to 10.

Pack Includes:

  • 4 Yellow Cone 20" 12 Hole
  • 4 Orange Cone 20" - 12 Hole
  • Set of 8 Cone Posts Size 4'
  • Set of 12 Hoop Clips
  • 2 Sets of 6 Rainbow Multi-Domes
  • 1 Set of Multi-Dome Arch Gates
  • Set of 8 Cone Posts Size 3'3"
  • 2 Arch Tunnels