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Little Movers Throw and Roll Dice

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Roll the dice and let them decide the next activity to keep kids moving—indoors and out!

Soft, coated-foam dice feature 12 sides. One die features 12 activities that encourage kids to walk, run, slide, jump, bear walk, stand on one foot, skip, hop, dance, perform jumping jacks, dip down, or touch their toes. The other die includes numbers 1-12 to indicate how many times kids need to perform the activity. As they move, kids enhance their gross-motor skills and social skills while playing with friends.

Oversized 12-sided dice are 5"L x 5"W, making them easy to handle by kids and teachers. Institutional-strength coated-foam construction withstands consistent indoor/outdoor use and is not easy to pick. Pair of dice is 1 lb. Ages 5 and up.