Musical Botanical Garden

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Create a fun whimsy musical garden on the playground!

Create a fun whimsy musical garden on the playground! The Botanical Garden Ensemble features a full chorus of organic shapes and sounds designed to inspire a botanical concert. Two flowers are flanked by butterflies, the tenor tree, lily pad cymbals, and three whimsical mushrooms make up the botanical garden ensemble.

Adodized aluminum construction stands up to all weather conditions while the bright colors provide a fun and inviting space. In-ground mounting and assembly required. Ages 2 and up.

Instrument Dimensions:

  • Lilly Pad: 31-1/2" total dia x 39"H, 65 lb, C Major Pentatonic
  • Tenor Tree: 25-1/8" total dia x 61-3/8"H, 70 lb
  • Mushrooms
    • Small: 26"H and top is 20-1/4" dia, 37 lb
    • Medium: 28-1/2"H and top is 24-3/8" dia, 42 lb
    • Large: 30-1/2"H and top is 27-7/8" dia, 46 lb
  • Turquoise Flowers: 39"H x 9-3/8" dia, 31 lb
  • Indigo Flowers: 45-1/2"H x2 4-7/8" dia, 35 lb
  • Orange Butterflies: 19-1/4"W x 51-1/2"H, 28 lb
  • Yellow Butterflies: 16"W x 45-3/4"H, 26 lb