Note Worthy Carpets

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Learn how to read sheet music and musical notes with symbols lining the edge of the carpet.

Sing a tune of a love for music within the classroom or child care center! Naturally instill a curiosity for music in kids with a colorful music rug! Learn to recognize musical notes on the treble clef staff and identify music symbols such as a quarter note and rest symbol. Watch conversations and new language unfold when learning new and exciting terminology, great for play or music classes. Piano keys line the edge of this durable carpet for endless melodies!

Locating and touching different musical symbols naturally engages large body movement while strengthening sensory skills through touch and cognition through new facts and questions gained.

Constructed of durable nylon and is stain resistant.

Rectangle Carpets:

- 5'4"L x 7'8"W

- 7'8"L x 10'9"W

- 10'9"L x 13'2"W

Circle Carpet:

- 13'2" dia