Outdoor Elements Learning Accessory Pack

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Bring outdoor learning indoors with a variety of woods, rocks, and minerals!

Teach kids about the differences between various elements found in nature. You can incorporate a variety of 13 natural wood resources to show kids how they vary in texture, grain, and color. You can also use the pieces during crafts when learning about various types of habitats for animals and insects. Then move on to lessons about 11 types of stones and minerals. Kids can see how different a stone can look on the outside and inside. They also serve as a great tool during geology lessons as kids learn where the stones and minerals come from. Teachers can store supplies for the day in a seagrass basket (16-3/4"L x 12-1/4"W x 3"H; 1 lb). It features a metal frame wrapped in seagrass and continues the natural theme of the day's lesson. The basket also shows kids how natural elements can be used to create products.

Pack includes Natural Wood Set, Stones and Minerals Set, and a seagrass basket. All are also available separately to enhance lessons.

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.

Natural Wood Set includes:

  • Ovular Branch Offcuts, 60 g
  • Mulberry Slices, 125 g
  • Tea Plant Branch Cuttings, 60 g
  • Azalea Branch Cuttings, 125 g
  • Driftwood, 125 g
  • Dark Brown Rattan, 125 g
  • Dried Ginger Root 125 g
  • Mulberry Root, 125 g
  • Rattan Slices, 60 g
  • Bark Squares, 3 Ea
  • Willow Branches, 75 g
  • Incense Tree Root, 60 g
  • Twisted Willow, 60 g

Stones and Minerals Set includes:

  • River Pebbles, 250 g
  • Black Small Polished Stones, 250 g
  • Tiger's Eye Small Polished Stones, 250 g
  • White Small Polished Stones, 250 g
  • Assorted Small Polished Stones, 250 g
  • Small Gemstones, 60 g
  • Amethyst Points, 250 g
  • Amethyst Clusters, 250 g
  • Small Agate Slice, 1 Ea
  • Large Agate Slice, 1 Ea
  • Iron Pyrite, 60 g