Outdoor Elements Natural Wood Accessory Set

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An assortment of wood for environmental lessons and creative craft projects!

Introduce kids to natural elements using this set of 13 different types of wood. Teachers can use them during lessons about the environment or while explaining various types of natural habitats for insects and animals. Kids can study the pieces of wood to reveal the different types of texture, wood grain, and colors that make each piece unique. When lessons wrap up, kids can create art projects using the wood pieces to showcase what they learned.

Set includes:

  • Ovular Branch Offcuts, 60 g
  • Mulberry Slices, 125 g
  • Tea Plant Branch Cuttings, 60 g
  • Azalea Branch Cuttings, 125 g
  • Driftwood, 125 g
  • Dark Brown Rattan, 125 g
  • Dried Ginger Root 125 g
  • Mulberry Root, 125 g
  • Rattan Slices, 60 g
  • Bark Squares, 3 Ea
  • Willow Branches, 75 g
  • Incense Tree Root, 60 g
  • Twisted Willow, 60 g