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Over and Under Balance Set

Direct Ship, Expected Ship Date 08/17/2024
Unit:  Set Truck Delivery
Create challenging courses to develop spatial perception and movement skills.

Find balance and fun with this versatile set! A perfect and simplistic set for classrooms or child care centers, this indoor or outdoor option is made out of recycled rotomolded polyurethane plastic with rounded corners for added safety. Children will love exploring new textured surfaces as they jump, laugh, and crawl up and over colorful pieces. Children have the ability to move and explore arrangements, pieces are lightweight and use a basic slot-and-groove connection perfect for adapting to ages and ability levels! Easily accommodate for small or large spaces, connect more and more pieces for endless fun! When finished, quickly clean with lukewarm water and mild detergent to eliminate unwanted germs!

Climbing over textured pieces invigorates hands and feet as large muscles leap toward growth, enhancing fine and gross motor skills and sensory development. Rearranging pieces and navigating routes with peers excels cognitive skills as well as social and emotional development in an exciting movement activity.

Made out of recycled rotomolded polyurethane plastic. Assembly required. 15'L overall x 24"H arranged as shown (11 pieces); 137 lb total. Ages 3 to 6.

*We're sorry, but this product is not available in Qu├ębec.