Push, Match, and Twist Play Pack

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Build critical thinking and social interaction while playing with colorful fine-motor skills toys!

Encourage experimentation and tactile exploration as kids play and learn using engaging toys. They can sit in a circle and solve the challenges with friends, or they can use them independently. Ages 1 to 3.

  • Oombee Matching Cube. Insert the rubbery, textured, squishy silicone shapes into the matching sides on the plastic cube. Shapes include triangle, square, oval, circle, pentagon, and double circle. 4-1/4"L x 4-1/4"W x 4-1/4"H.
  • Spin Again Spin Stacker. Six coated, hard plastic discs spin down the reversible wobble base on a corkscrew pole. 16-1/2"H x 6-3/4" dia.
  • Plugzy Sorting Set. Plastic shapes include silicone tops for a better grasp by little hands. Features 6 tops and 6 shapes including a star, circle, square, diamond, hexagon, and triangle. 3-1/2"H x 9" dia.
  • InnyBin Sorting Box. High-quality plastic cube has elastic bands along the sides to fit shapes through. Uniquely textured shapes are 2"L x 2"W x 2"H and include a cube, diamond, sphere, triangle, flower, and a Fat Brain Logo shape.
  • Hiding Hedgehogs. Stack and hide the hedgehogs, connect them tail to nose like a train, or sort them according to size. Hedgehogs are made of durable, hard plastic and range in size from 4-1/2"L x 3"W x 2-1/4"H to 8-1/4"L x 4-3/4"W x 4-3/4"H.